You will be required to investigate a "problem" in HAMLET that has occasioned critical controversy. In completing this project, you should be aware above all of the text. Good scholarly editions include:

These include extensive introductions, appendices, and F-Q correlations.

Film presentations include the Olivier, the Gibson, and Branagh versions. They vary substantially in terms of directorial interpretation ranging from the melancholic Hamlet of Olivier who "could not make up his mind," to the action orientated Gibson, and of course to the uncut Branagh production. The problems identified thus are variously interpreted:

You will need to...

1. take a position regarding how the problem ought to be resolved
2. locate at least two critics that have taken positions on the issue using books, articles, and on-line resources
3. analyze the primary source, integrate the critical material and present a position
4. write a paper that "decides" the issue from your point of view.


1. Dr. Nighan's Hamlet and the Daemons (an ebook: click here)

2. Student Curriculum Links for the Renaissance: best web sites

3. Student Currilulum Links (web sites) for the Seventeenth Century

4. Print resources for Hamlet of course would fill volumes just to index. Some studies include:

Some problems:

Submit your findings in a paper accompanied by the research. Present an opinion in the thesis paragraph that your textual analysis and research substantiate. There will also be an oral presentation component.