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Speak: Pages 3-24 “welcome to Merryweather High” through “Heathering”

1. How does Melinda feel the first day of high school? Why? Describe a time when you felt totally alone.

2. What is the new name of the Merryweather High School mascot? Why did the school board change the name?

3. Identify Melinda’s former clan and explain what has happened to it.

4. Who is Melinda’s ex-best friend? How does she treat Melinda? What would you do in a similar situation?

5. Identify Melinda’s teachers and her characterization of them.

6. Who is Heather? Identify her “plan” and explain Melinda’s reaction.

7. How does Mr. Freeman assign art projects for the year? What is Melinda’s? How does she feel about it?

8. Describe Melinda’s home life.

Speak: Pages 24 – 46 “Burrow” through “Nightmare”

1. What happens to Melinda when she attends the pep rally? Be specific. Why does she not report the trouble to the school officials?

2. What does Melinda reveal about the preceding summer?

3. Explain the paradox of the cheerleaders as Melinda views them.

4. What does Melinda paint the week after the pep rally? Why is this significant?

5. What happens when Melinda visits Heather on Columbus Day? What doe this reveal about Heather?

6. How do Melinda’s parents react about her grades? How would your parents react in a similar situation?

7. Who are the Marthas? Why are they important to the story?