SJC Core Apps:
(The following Apps are given to all Faculty, Staff & Students. Faculty are asked not to replace/substitute other App(s) that perform the same function with out Administrative and Department consent.)

Pages: word processor for Pages & Word documents.
Keynote: presentation package for Keynote & Powerpoint.
Numbers: spread sheet for Numbers & Excel documents.
  • How to create a spread sheet that can be used with multiple people simultaneously.
Notabilitiy: note taking & document annotating for pdf's.
Dropbox: cloud storage.
  • Faculty and students should setup a free account. Once the free account is active, faculty are encouraged to convert their free account to a Dropbox Business account by submitting their Dropbox username to the Technology Department.
Showbie: collect, review and annotate student work.
  • Once the App has been installed on your iPad, you can send a request by email to the Technology Department requesting an upgrade to Showbie Pro.
iBooks: purchased books, custom made books and pdf's.
PDFpen: work with PDF documents (Faculty/Staff ONLY)

Additional Core Apps:
(the following Additional Apps require school level accounts for Faculty, Staff & Students. These accounts are managed by the Librarian)

Discovery Education
It's not an App, but it has been designed for the iPad. Using the web browser on your iPad, go to: Use your existing account information to login. Check with either the Library or Tech Dept. if you need with your account.

Gale Databases: the AccessMyLibrary - School Edition App
allows users to select a topic and credible information from current magazines, journals, encyclopedias and more in the areas of Science, Biography, Literature, Environment and more.

The app can be downloaded from the
Self Service App on your iPad. Once the app has been download, it will need to be configured with SJC's custom info.
  • Open the App
  • From the list of states, Select 'District of Columbia'
  • Select 'St. John's College High School'
  • When you see the screen with the combination lock, it will ask for the password to the GALE databases: stjohncolhs
To view the databases, click 'View Gale Resources' and select 'Gale Databases' or 'Gale eBooks'.

iBooks Author: Now anyone can crate stunning iBooks textbooks, cookbooks, history books, picture books and more for the iPad. All you need is an idea and a Mac.
  • Intro to iBooks Author (50.7mb video)
  • iBooks Author Content Creation (27.5mb video)
  • iBooks Author Essential Training (6.2mb video)
General Info:

Getting Started with the iPad (449kb pdf)
An introduction to the iPad. A quick and easy read that talks about the iPad's wide variety of capabilities and versatility.

iPad User Guide for iOS 6.x (14.6mb pdf)
PDF version published by Apple, Inc.

How To Help:

iPad Tips & Tricks (117.7mb video)
Unlike computers that have a keyboard, the iPad has a touch based interface that uses finger gestures for navigation. This video will show how the iPad interface works.
(Note this is a large video and may take several minutes to download).

Keep the iOS of Your iPad Updated (206kb pdf)
New versions offer improvements or add new capabilities for free. Updating the iOS can also include updates to Apps for minor bug fixes, improved performance and new capabilities.

How to Manually Back Up Your iPad (212kb pdf)
Even though you can back up your iPad to iCloud, it can never hurt to have a 2nd backup on your computer.

Introduction to iCloud (8.4mb video)
iTunes account holders get 5GB of cloud storage for free and is private (no data mining).

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs and videos anywhere. The free account gets you 2GB of cloud storage and is private (no data mining). SJC owns a school account which gives you almost unlimited storage. Contact the Technology Department for more information in either setting up a new account or converting an existing account.