SJC Email Account Management:
dedicated email client works best when it comes to the highest level of synchronization for PIM (Personal Information Management) from a computer and/or a mobile device. The Technology Department supports the following Apps, Mail, Contacts & iCal (w/limited support for MS Outlook).
Note, depending on your home ISP, you may have trouble keeping your dedicated app synchronized. If this happens to you, you'll want to use the Web (browser) version.

The Technology Department also supports
Web (browser) Based Management for your email, contacts and calendar. This option gives you the flexibility of managing your email from any computer that has Internet access, with no synchronization problems based on location.

URL to Access Web Based Email:

The same rules apply for
Mobile Devices, iOS (iPad, iPhone and/or iPod Touch), Android OS (tablet and/or smart phone) and a Blackberry. When setting up one of these devices, you should use the ‘Exchange’ option. It’s an automatic configuration for the majority of devices.

The Technology Department staff can assist in the setup and configuration of iOS devices and give guidance for all others.