Fix Your Cracked Screen Before Summer
iPad hardware and software that is in the students’ possession are solely owned and/or licensed by St. John’s College High School (SJC). SJC students returning in the fall will take home school-issued technology equipment (iPad, cover, 4th Generation USB cable, and 12 Watt power supply) for the summer.

The Technology Department requests that students with cracked screens and/or other equipment to replace the equipment in the technology office before departing for summer break.

All iPad repairs and replacements are processed through the Technology Department at SJC. Hardware and software are covered by the AppleCare+ plan for a 2 year period. As long as Apple does not deem neglect, the hardware will be repaired/replaced by the terms of AppleCare+ for 2 incidents at a cost of $52.00 per incident, payable by the student and/or guardian. Replace your broken equipment at your earliest convenience to avoid the rush before school closes at the end of May/early June.

Have an iPad Issue During the Summer?
The Technology Department is on campus during the summer months. Contact Ms. Andre on the phone to schedule an appointment. (202) 363- 2316 ext. 1041.

Returning students will keep the iPad for the summer.

Turn-In Day: Friday, May 30, 2014
Friday, May 30th is the last Exam day, and the last day to return your school-issued technology equipment.
Each student is expected to return in excellent condition 4 pieces of equipment:

If any 1 (or multiple) items are damaged (cracked display, cover that can no-longer protect the iPad, etc.), have the equipment/items replaced in the Technology Department Office before Friday, May 30, 2014. Replacement costs for the various items listed below (Cash or Check payable to St. John's or MC, Visa, Amex).

Tuesday, May 27, 20148:00am-12:00pmTech Offices (Rm 305)
Wednesday, May 28, 20148:00am-12:00pmTech Offices (Rm 305)
Thursday, May 29, 20148:00am-12:00pmTech Offices (Rm 305)
Friday, May 30, 20148:00am-11:45am
Tech Offices (Rm 305)
Room 200

* * * Avoid the Rush and the Wait Times, Don't Wait to the Last Day to Turn-In your iPad * * *

Protect Your Personal Account(s) & Protect Your Data:
To protect your personal AppleID/iTunes account and to ensure the availability of your data after you turn in the iPad, complete the following 4 steps: