Graduating Seniors & Non-Returning Students:
The iPad (& peripherals) that were issued to you by SJC will be returned no later than Friday, May 25, 2018.
The following components must be returned in GOOD condition (the condition GOOD is a standard set by the leasing company):

Students that do not return all components or components are returned damaged will be held financially responsible (see below for prices).
FYI, students that do not turn-in any piece of their equipment and/or have unpaid additional charges will have their transcript held.

Preparing Your iPad for Turn-In:
To protect your personal AppleID/iTunes account and to ensure the availability of your data after you turn in the iPad, complete the following 4 steps:

Possible Additional Charges:

If the
iPad that is being turned-in has any of the following, the cost to the student will be $52.00:
If the iPad has Too Much Damage or is Not Turned-In, the cost to the student is $399.00
If the
Protective Case is damaged or lost, the cost to the student is $45.00
If the
USB Cable is damaged or lost, the cost to the student is $20.00
If the P
ower Supply is damaged or lost, the cost to the student is $20.00

Additional charges can be paid by
Cash, Check (made payable to St. John's) or Credit Card (mc, visa, amex).

Equipment Turn-In Schedule:
Monday, May 21, 20188:00am-3:00pmTech Offices (Rm 305)
Tuesday, May 22, 20188:00am-3:00pmTech Offices (Rm 305)
Wednesday, May 23, 20188:00am-3:00pmTech Offices (Rm 305)
Thursday, May 24, 20188:00am-3:00pmTech Offices (Rm 305)
Friday, May 25, 20188:00am-3:00pmTech Offices (Rm 305)
May 29- June 01, 20188:00am-2:00pmTech Offices (Rm 305)

* * * Avoid the Rush and the Wait Times, Don't Wait to the Last Day to Turn-In your iPad * * *
FYI, you may turn-in your equipment earlier than the dates listed above.